Lifehacker Kids: Share Your Offspring's Best Life Hacks!

Lifehacker Kids is a new regular feature where we highlight the best prepubescent "life hacks" from readers' children. Whether it's an ingenious gadget hack or a dubious potty shortcut, we want to hear your kid's best tips.

To get things rolling, my five-year old daughter Penny has proffered the following greetings hack: "When you meet someone, you should always say "good morning" or "good afternoon" in case they don't know what time of day it is. 'Hello' teaches them nothing."

Er, thanks Penny.

You can send us your kids' most useful or amusing life hacks via our contact tab — just select 'I Have Another Reason' and title your message Lifehacker Kids. We'll publish the best/funniest hack each Friday.


    The first thing that comes into my mind when thinking of kids and technology is.... Don't have kids! And your happiness will remain.

    I didn't realise you can switch between running iOS apps with a multi-finger swipe until my 18 month old demonstrated it.

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