Learn A New Creative Skill This Weekend

Learn A New Creative Skill This Weekend

If you have a little free time this weekend, why not pick up a new skill? Here are some creative options to try.

Visual Art

Want to make some cool visual art? Learn to draw, paint, photograph or print, learning to make your own art gives you an awesome apartment or home upgrade. Our night school series covers digital painting, 3D modelling, photography, and Photoshop so you can learn all sorts of artistic skills that will have have you printing beautiful digital art in no time.

YouTube offers plenty of video lessons to choose from. You can learn to draw specific objects such as wolves, people at different ages, mouths and lips, Finn from Adventure Time, or a compass. If you want to learn to draw something in particular, a quick YouTube search should turn up a video. If you just want the basics, or a comprehensive set of lessons, check out channels by thedrawinghands and 5pencilmethod.


We just finished a series on music production, so check that out if you’re interested in making your own music. If you need to learn an instrument first, let YouTube come to the rescue. You’ll find video lessons on the guitar, piano, drums, and even the flute and violin. If there’s an instrument you want to learn online, YouTube probably has you covered.

Other Skills

Creativity doesn’t only manifest itself in art. DIY projects, for example, can require a lot of creative thinking. Check out our previous DIY posts for ideas on projects you might want to take on and modify them to your liking.

Whatever you decide to learn, have fun doing it this weekend!


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