iiNet Announces 4G Consumer Plans

iiNet has opened up its 4G plans — previously the province of its business customers — to all customers, with a variety of month by month plans from as little as $15 a month.

$15 a month doesn’t get you all that much data, mind you, with 200MB of mobile data and $200 of “included value”; moving up the tiers adds a lot more data, which is rather crucial for a 4G plan, as well as free SMS and iiNet to iiNet mobile calls.

The plans mimic iiNet’s existing business 4G plans closely, but there’s an interesting point of difference here with iiNet’s existing 3G mobile plans, where the entry level plan is only $10 with the same 200MB of data, although you get less call and text value if you go down that path.

iiNet’s reselling Optus 4G capacity, so you’d need to be under the Optus 4G cloud to get service; I’ve asked iiNet what their plans are regarding Optus’ TD-LTE Canberra rollout, and will update when they get back to me.

Update: iiNet won’t have Optus TD-LTE straight away, but tells me that “iiNet will incorporate this new standard in coming releases of our 4G devices so our customers can take full advantage of this awesome new technology in the coming months.”