If You Need A Flexible Disposable Email Service, MailDrop Is Excellent

If You Need A Flexible Disposable Email Service, MailDrop Is Excellent

It’s not something you need all the time, but having a disposable email address you can use for the odd sign-up page is a handy thing. A number of services are available, but none are quite as clean, straightforward or flexible as new contender MailDrop.

There are no passwords to remember or log-in forms to go through — just type in an alias in the provided text box and you’ll be taken directly to the inbox for that address (seen in the image above). This means that anyone can access your inbox if they know the name, but it’s not like you’ll be keeping anything important in there (well, you shouldn’t be).

Unlike other services, email will remain in the inbox as long as a new message arrives every 24 hours, though it can only hold 10 at a time. Spam is kept to a minimum using a number of filters, with MailDrop claiming a 90 per cent catch rate.

There are a couple of other gotchas — attachments are a no-no and will be removed before they hit the inbox and while HTML content is allowed, messages over “100k” will be dropped, which I’m assuming is bytes and not characters.

Overall, I’m really impressed with what MailDrop — a great interface, simple functionality and a little more flexibility than comparable services make it a winner.

MailDrop.cc [via Digital Inspiration]


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