How To Avoid Game Of Thrones Spoilers

How To Avoid Game Of Thrones Spoilers
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One of the most compelling (and harrowing) things about HBO’s fantasy series Game of Thrones is that none of the main players feel safe: anyone could be killed off at any moment. Season 1 ended with the headlining star kicking the bucket and several fan-favourites have since followed him into the grave. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly easy to have the shock deaths spoiled for you ahead of time — especially if you refuse to pirate. Here’s an app that should be able to help.

If you’re a regular user of Facebook and Twitter, avoiding GoT plot twists can seem next to impossible — if it’s not being spoiled by a US viewer, it will be a smug reader of the original book series (avoid these people like white walkers).

This is where the the Chrome-based web app Silencer comes in. As its name implies, Silencer is an extension that blocks potential spoilers via keyword blocks that hide content from your Twitter and Facebook streams. Simply add “Game Of Thones”, “GoT”, “Starks” and any other potential spoilage words into the dictionary to have them effectively blocked.

For peace of mind, you can also install a specific Game of Thrones pack that will block everything about the show (this includes 44 different keywords that should keep anything GoT related out of your social media stream). Silencer only works on a handful of social networks, but it’s pretty easy to block out everything else.

We advise downloading the app sooner rather than later — as one of the aforementioned smug book readers, I can confirm that more shock deaths are on the horizon…

To download Silencer and get the Game of Thrones pack, pay a visit to the Chrome website.


  • “and last night’s episode involved another fan-favourite kicking the bucket.”


    • Duh! “Someone died” is a spoiler?
      How old are you, six?
      Are you sure that you’re allowed up to watch it?

  • On the front page, in clear view in the story summary, with no spoiler warning? What the hell is wrong with you Lifehacker? Do you not even understand what constitutes a spoiler whilst writing about spoilers? You owe people an apology for this.

    • Game of Thrones is so relentlessly blood-thirsty that I thought it only counted as a spoiler if I named names. (I’ve changed the intro to remove reference to last night’s episode though.)

      • It counts as a spoiler because you showed faces AND said more characters will die later! When I saw the episode on Tuesday, you’d already shown me who died. An article about *avoiding spoilers* on Lifehacker is the last place I expected to have the show spoiled. Incredibly poor form. Unforgivable.

  • more shock deaths are on the horizon. couldnt help yourself could you douchebag. luckily i have known this for many years but unlike you i am not smug about it and would never give anything away to a non reader. you are indeed one of the aforementioned smug book readers.

    • I’m not sure this is a spoiler per se. The books are known for shock deaths so they aren’t just going to stop this are they? The last chapter of the last book in print has a shock death….

  • The only way I’ve not had spoilers is because I’ve read the books… I’ve found that after someone has seen the latest episode they start discussing it with the other people who have also seen it. Try as they might not to say stuff and spoil it in case someone hasn’t seen it, it usually happens (and this is in RL, not social media)

  • This show and Walking Dead are known for killing off main characters… and yeh you really should hide the preview text of this article on the main Lifehacker page.

  • If you haven’t read up to book 3 by now you deserve to have the book spoiled. You’ve had just over two years since the first season aired and seventeen years since the book was first published to have a read of parts of these books.

    • If you don’t read the books, you deserve to have the TV show spoiled? Well, that was easily the dumbest thing I’ve read today.

    • Does this rule apply to every other film or TV show based on a book? “If you haven’t read the book, you have no right to enjoy any revelations that may occur throughout the story” You sound like a super fun guy.

    • I’ve said it before, I PURPOSEFULLY didn’t read the books so that everything was new and exciting in the show and I wasn’t sitting there playing spot the difference or waiting for something only to have it changed or removed. How people enjoy something is up to them but the people who act like douchbags just because they decided to read the books piss me off.

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