How Microsoft Office 365 Simplifies IT Hassles To Help Admins Get More Done

How Microsoft Office 365 Simplifies IT Hassles To Help Admins Get More Done

Office 365 is the new Office as a subscription service for business. Your staff can access their favourite Office programs, email, calendar and other tools anywhere — from PCs to smartphones and tablets. Meanwhile you save admin time, budget and effort thanks to easy-to-use admin controls and cloud-based install. That’s pretty compelling, whether you’re a small businesses with no in-house IT resources or a larger organisation. So let’s take a closer look.

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More and more small-to-medium sized businesses are migrating IT budgets toward the cloud. And with Office 365, Microsoft backs the investment with a 99.9% financially-backed uptime service level agreement, secured with the latest spam and malware protection.

This reliable platform for growth and the clear cost savings are what attracted Alice Hagen, founder and principal of Calibre Real Estate, a residential sales and property management firm servicing Brisbane, Ipswich and surrounding areas. Since 2009, her team has expanded to three offices and 22 team members. Instead of investing $30K into another server as she looks to grow further still, Calibre shifted to Office 365 through Telstra. That deal gets the business Exchange, Lynx, Sharepoint, the lot.

“The changeover went extremely smoothly,” says Hagen. “It took about one day per location and there was no downtime during each transition. Staff simply didn’t notice. From there, it was just a matter of going through three steps to download the software to our desktops — that simple.”


Pricing starts from $12.70 per user per month; the service is available from Telstra T-suite.

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Office 365 Benefits

Make your team more productive, and don’t worry about IT when you shift to the cloud.

No need to roll out upgrades: They come straight from the cloud as part of the service. Click-To-Run is a streaming technology built on Microsoft virtualisation that quickly installs Office over the Internet, but still lets you work when you don’t have a connection.

Stream Office to any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC with Office on Demand: Installing Office 365 is a breeze. Streaming installation installs most-used features first so you can get started working almost instantly. Ever wanted to get something done on a PC that’s not your own? With an Office 365 subscription you can, and you don’t even have to have Office installed on the PC. Stream a full-featured Office application to any Internet-connected PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 using Office on Demand. When you’re done, close the application, and it will be removed from the PC. Office 365 works with existing Office add-ins, customizations, macros and legacy Office file formats.

One single web console to manage multiple workloads – Email/calendar/presence/Sharepoint/videoconferencing/Full Office suite. Easy provisioning of users for small business with no in-house IT presence. Powerful and easy-to-use web-based admin console to add or delete users, add security for mobile devices, and set document sharing policies

Office 365 allows business to grow quickly: you can quickly and easily provision new users without having to worry about the infrastructure supporting the applications.

Check out the Admin Centre in the new Office 365.

What’s new in the new release of Office 365 for Businesses?

• New interface

• FOPE console integrated into the main Exchange Online Control Panel (ECP)

• There are now two types of resource mailboxes: room & equipment

• Shared mailboxes can be created via the ECP

• Public folders are here!

• Active Directory Rights Management is baked into the core

• Free/Busy sharing with external organisation’s and users can be controlled via ECP (no more PowerShell)

• Lync Online supports organisational-based customisations (eg. logo, help & legal advice, footer text)

• Office on-demand integrated with SharePoint

• Online – stream applications!

• SharePoint Online now supports apps

• More control over search in SharePoint Online

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