Gmail For Android Adds New Inbox And Slide-Out Navigation

Android: Gmail just scored a new update with the new Google inbox featuring labels, contact images, and indicators for your promotional, update and social notifications. Additionally, new slide-out navigation makes it easy to access whatever you need when you need it.

Screenshots by Android Police.

Google plans to roll out this update slowly over the next few weeks, but Android Police grabbed the APK and you can download it now from their site.

New Gmail For Android v4.5 With Slide-Out Navigation And Brand New Inbox [Android Police]


    I've been using the default mail app on my Samsung Galaxy S3, as it 'just worked' for my multiple gmail accounts, showing me a combined inbox.

    Does the gmail app let me do this?

      Gmail app has a drop-down menu at the top which lets you quickly and easily switch between accounts. Personally, I prefer to keep my work email out of my personal email, and only check it Mon-Fri :)

        So... no (combined inbox).

          No, it does not do that.

          Having said that, I have different email addresses for a reason. If I wanted them all in the one inbox, I'd use just the one address.

          I guess that most people would be in the same bucket.
          But its great that the Samsung mail app is working for you.

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