Get Your Go Bag Sorted This Weekend

Get Your Go Bag Sorted This Weekend

We love a good go bag with everything we need at the ready. If you need to organise your go bag better, we can help you make it happen this weekend.

Make (Or Buy) A Bag

Making a bag may seem daunting, but the process doesn’t take too much work if you know the basics of how to use a sewing machine. If you want a one-of-a-kind go bag, try making a sling pack or messenger with custom fabric of your choosing. If you’d rather buy one, however, you have plenty of awesome options. In the past we’ve featured these great ones:

  • The UNDFIND One Bag can change colours and styles, accessory flags, and transform from a camera bag to a laptop bag and back again.
  • The UNIT Portables have modular storage options so you can swap them in and out at will.
  • The FLUX Backpack lights up at night to keep you safe while biking.

For more ideas, check out the Wirecutter’s Bag Database.

Put The Good Stuff Inside

Get Your Go Bag Sorted This Weekend

You probably have a computer, a few gadgets, and some other stray items to put in your go bag but you might be missing a few things such as a high-capacity external battery, a mobile hotspot or a USB gadget charger. A few simple and inexpensive tools can make your go bag ready for just about anything. Check out our 10 favourites here, and consider creating a MacGyver kit to save the day in a pinch.

Organise Your Bag

No bag does its job adequately if you don’t keep things organised. For that, a few tools can help. We love the GRID-IT for organising just about anything, and if you have a bunch of cables you can wrangle them on the cheap with a toiletries bag. Binder clips work well when you need to wrap cables.

Make Your Bag More Versatile

Perhaps you prefer a messenger bag in most situations but sometimes want to switch to a backpack. No problem — just twist the straps to convert it in under a minute. Maybe you need to take your bag somewhere wet. Simply waterproof it with wax. Need to bike with a bag you can’t strap on your back? Strap it to your bike instead.

Ultimately, the best bag is one that has everything you need and that you can take with you comfortably in most situations. When you choose what to make or buy and how to fill it up, keep that in mind and you’ll be good to go.

Have a great weekend!