From The Tips Box: Store Hours, Dead Androids

Readers offer their best tips for keeping track of store hours and reviving a dead Android phone.

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Save Store Hours In Your Contacts App

Tanvi puts that address book to use:

Have you ever arrived at a store just after it closed? Just because you were too lazy to search on the internet what the store hours are?

Well, I have. After being a working mum of an infant and a toddler, I realised that too often, I lost track of the store hours and reached there at the wrong time.

I then appreciated the importance of the 'Notes' feature in the 'Contacts' of my phone.

I started putting the hours of all the stores I visit frequently, so that I can just go to the Contacts and find out the timings of the store right away without going on internet and searching for it! Same goes for the library and my Chiropractor who has a different schedule every single day of the week.

Obvious, but useful when you have a lousy mobile signal.

Dead Android Phone? Try A Different Battery

Jeff troubleshoots his phone:

For no apparent reason this week, my Galaxy Nexus died. It just wouldn't start up. I tried to charge it, showed full battery, then as soon as I went to turn it on, it couldn't get past the boot screen — it just flatlined. Well, after a frustrating rest-of-my-vacation with no phone, I came home and popped in the phone's old, non-extended battery just for fun. The thing booted up as if nothing had ever been wrong.

I'm still not sure what happened, but boy am I glad I tried that old battery before waiting in line for an hour at the store for support.

Photo by Aaron Yoo.


    I had similar thing with my Galaxy Nexus just yesterday. It died after fully running out of charge and then running out of juice again after I tried restarting it.

    However just taking out the battery and putting the same battery back in again solved the issue. So the solution above may not have worked because of the different battery, it may have worked simply because the battery was removed.

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