Freeze Your Rice Correctly For Better Leftovers

When you have leftover rice (or other grain-based foods), your first instinct might be to put them in the refrigerator. This if fine if you want to heat them up for lunch over the next couple of days, but did you know that you can actually freeze them for long-term storage?

Freezing leftover rice seems weird to me, but it actually works well if you do it properly. The Kitchn recommends cooling the grains down, and then packing them into freezer bags. Just press the food into relatively flat patties inside the bags, force out any extra air, and stack them in the freezer.

When you're ready to dig it back out, put in a covered, microwave safe bowl with a little water, and microwave as long as necessary. The Kitchn notes that the texture might be a little different after the deep freeze, but the grains should taste the same as the day you cooked them.

When You're Tired of Leftovers: Freeze Your Cooked Whole Grains [The Kitchn]


    I actually find it better to freeze rice as soon as it's cooked, as that way it stays a little bit moist. If you let it cool down it ends up being too dry when it's reheated.

    Wait so putting something in the freezer makes it last longer than in the fridge? WOW!

    Been doing this for years, and you don't need to add water, cover or anything - just chuck it in the microwave while still in the bag, and cook on high for a minute or less.

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