Freeze Meat Quickly For Easier Slicing

Freeze Meat Quickly For Easier Slicing

When you’re slicing up meat for a stir fry or cutting it up for a stew, you can make the process a bit easier with one simple trick: Partially freeze the meat first.

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Taste of Home says about 30 minutes in the freezer is enough to partially freeze thinner cuts of meat, making it easier to slice the meat into strips.

In the same spirit, if the meat is frozen, don’t defrost it entirely if you need to cut it. Defrost until it’s partially frozen for a happier slicing experience. Let it fully defrost before cooking.

Tips for Stir-Frying [Taste of Home]


  • OK, I was skim reading the headlines and had trouble with “Freeze Meet Quickly”.
    For some reason I thought it would be about speed dating with a cosplayer dressed as Arnold Schwarzenegger from Batman and Robin.
    “Hallo, I’m Mr Freeze, Ice to meet you”

    Don’t mind me, I’ll show myself to the cooler.

  • This seems pretty counter productive, If you need this method, you should spend the 30minutes while it is in the freezer practicing your knife skills.

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