Foresee Plans The Right Outdoor Activity For You Based On The Weather

iOS: Sometimes scheduling activities around the weather is tough. Foresee is an app that hopes to solve that problem by giving you the best time of day to do certain outdoor activities.

Foresee requires some setup before it becomes useful, but it's not too difficult. First, you pick the activities you care about, then the conditions you'd prefer (humidity, temperature, times, etc). From there, Foresee scans the weather forecast, gives you the best time of day to pursue an activity or the best activity to do on a certain day. For example, if you don't like running when it's over 30C, Foresee will show you the best time to avoid the heat.

It's a pretty basic idea, but it takes the guesswork out of planning a day to make it easy to pick a time to pursue outdoor activities.

Foresee ($0.99) [iTunes App Store via AppAdvice]


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