Choose The Best, Money-Saving Plants For Your Vegetable Garden

Choose The Best, Money-Saving Plants For Your Vegetable Garden

If you’re getting a headstart on this year’s garden, this guide from Bottom Line can help you choose which vegetables to grow. It points out the easy-to-grow options that may save you the most money.

Skip the artichokes and cauliflower, the article suggests, because they’re more difficult to grow. Onions and potatoes also won’t save you a lot of money versus buying at the store. On the other hand, good values for your gardening efforts include: salad greens and heirloom cherry tomatoes (even better money savers than larger tomatoes, thanks to the longer growing season and bountiful crop).

Of course, money isn’t the only consideration for your garden. If you enjoy a good beefsteak potato or eat a lot of potatoes, there’s no reason you can’t grow them as well. But for a starter, budget garden, this is a good list to consult.

Hit up the link below for more recommendations and growing tips.

Growing the Right Vegetables Saves $$$$ [Bottom Line Personal]

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  • I came here to read about winter vegies. I’ve just pulled out my tomato plants.
    This article is useless to me.

  • This article did originate in the US. Still good advice to remember for spring.
    Right now in Australia you can sow broad beans (which will also improve the soil) and spinach, you could try peas but it may be a bit late and to sow silverbeet, or Swiss Chard if you want colourful stalks, you could use a cloche.

  • I live in Darwin Australia and we are just stating to plant tomatoes now. Not everyone lives in your freezing cities you know.

  • For us, garlic is by far the biggest money saver. For an investment of $6 in organic garlic cloves a couple of years ago, we now have 300 garlic plants growing, with a whole box full still in the pantry for use until October when the 300 will be ready. Very to grow too.

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