Cheaper iPhone Screen Repairs: Will Apple Offer Them To Aussies?

Amidst all the swelling pre-hype for WWDC, Apple in the US is offering significantly cheaper iPhone screen repairs, but it's unclear if they'll bring the same service down under.

Photo: Michael Gil

The lower cost comes about due to the use of specific replacement/recalibration machines being rolled out. The screen replacement/recalibration machines — which Gizmodo has a quick snap of — are apparently being installed in Apple Stores across the US. Part of Apple's financial success of recent years has been in absolute standardisation, which is why it feels eerily similar to walk into an Apple store anywhere on the planet, and that usually means the same kinds of services as well. So I asked Apple Australia if there were plans to bring cheaper screen repair machines down under.

Sadly, for the time being, they've declined to comment. That could mean that there will be a cheaper service coming soon, or it may be that the brains in Cupertino have decided that we're too small a local market. Apple's general strategy with replacement screens seems to be replacement phones locally, but there are plenty of third party repairers out there as well.


    HTC and Samsung (and others) could really pick up their game in this area. Apple really handles these repairs well, and they're only looking to improve things. Yet for some reason there isn't somewhere you can take your high end non-apple smartphone to get fixed over the counter like this.

    Actually the reason they declined to comment is because they dont actually know. Apple tells its employees absolutly nothing.

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