Build This Easy Desk Lamp From CDs

Remember when burning CDs was a thing, and everyone had stacks and stacks of blank CDs stored on spindles? Well, if you still have some of those spindles and no need for the CDs anymore, this easy DIY project turns them into a fun desk or hanging lamp, perfect for your workspace or home office.

The project comes to us from the folks at Hack a Day's new Life.HackaDay page, and the video above does a great job of showing you how to build both types of lamps, the desk style and the hanging style. All you need in both cases is an under-counter LED strip-light, a lot of used CDs, and either some sturdy wire or a nice long rope to make it all work.

The whole process only takes a couple of minutes, and you won't even need any special tools. It's a fast and simple project, the end product doesn't look horrible, and it's a great way to put those spindles of blank or burned CDs you have lying around to good use. Hit the link below for more detail and photos of the finished product all lit up so you can see what it would look like on your desk.

2 Minute Recycled CD Lamp. No Tools Required. [Life.HackaDay]


    I tried similar a few years ago, but using a CCFL (from Jaycar) for the light, but it looked kinda crappy. The LED strip looks heaps better. I also wondered if sanding the inside and outside edges may have looked better to diffuse the light. I never got around to that though.

    Looks like most of the light (ergo electricity) is waisted because the CD's block the light so much.

      I agree - this would work best using clear CDs, and even then it wouldn't output that much light. It's more a decorative thing than an actual light source, it seems.

      I was thinking the same, looks nice but how much light does it actually put out :/

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