Briefly: Boost Unleashes Sex 'n' Zombies, Kogan Sells Two-Millionth Product, Is Coffee Bad For You?

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Kogan crows about landmark profits, Internode launches new Biz bundles, Facebook adds hashtags.

  • It's good to be king. It's also good to be Kogan. The online retailer has just sold its two-millionth product with revenue growing by over 300% in FY 2013. Last month, the number of products purchased increased by 473% compared to the same time last year. Whatever your opinion of Ruslan Kogan, the man knows how to sell gadgets.
  • Internode today introduced new business plans that include ADSL2+ broadband and telephone service with bundled calls. Prices for the Internode Biz bundles start at $79.95 per month and include a $30 per month NodeLine Biz telephone line with included local and national calls (excluding 13 numbers). Internode Biz plans also exempt uploaded data from monthly data quotas, which range from 50 gigabytes to one terabyte per month. Click here for more details.
  • Boost Mobile’s new advertising campaign is pretty wild stuff: the hyper-stylised ads for its relaunched UNLTD pre-paid service feature scantily-clad women and bad boy bikers tussling with zombies. We can't decide whether the ads are schlocky fun or in poor taste. Decide for yourself here.
  • Facebook has announced that hashtags will now be made available on the platform. Much like on Twitter, hashtags on Facebook will allow users to add context to a post or indicate that it is part of a larger discussion. If it's anything like Twitter, they'll mostly be used to make narky observations and self-depreciating witticisms. You can find out more at Facebook's official blog.
  • Is coffee good or bad for you — and how many cups are really too much? PopSugar Health & Fitness has posted an informative video about the pros and cons of drinking coffee. Watch it here.
  • Want to see an amazing photo gallery of abandoned World War II sea forts? Sure you do.


    Hashtags on Facebook. Oh boy

    #idkmybffjill #ermagerdhershtergs #emmandjayhdearebestiesforlifeyoloswaggityswagger #someecards #wine

    Linky for the Internode story is borked

      Cheers for the heads-up -- should be fixed now.

    Yes but KOGAN service is Crap. I've lodged complaints about products and NO reply. Gave up threw in Bin

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