BlackBerry Secure Work Space Can Also Secure Android And iOS

One of BlackBerry's key selling points for its BlackBerry Enterprise Services back-end management tools has always been the ability to tightly manage devices, but that's not much help in a workspace where most workers are using iOS or Android. The newly-launched Secure Work Space option in BES 10 allows IT managers to also control how iOS and Android users access corporate resources.

Secure Work Space doesn't integrate directly into the native tools on those devices; instead, users can access BlackBerry-developed email, calendar, contact, browser and document editing tools. These are contained within the separate Work Space environment, meaning personal data doesn't overlap. It's more work to set up than an "anything goes" BYOD solution, but carries a lower security risk.

Licensing for Secure Work Space starts from $99 per user per year; a free trial is available.



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