Awesome Projects For Your Day Off

It's a long weekend for most of us. If you're looking for an activity to fill the unexpected extra day, we have plenty of suggestions, from DIY projects to cooking ideas to ways to simply relax.

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Make Your Own Tech

Browse through the posts below to find fun things you can do with a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other inexpensive tech or gadgets you already have.

A Beginner’s Guide To The Raspberry PiBuild A Raspberry Pi XBMC Media CenterTurn A Raspberry Pi Into An AirPlay Receiver For Streaming MusicTurn A Raspberry Pi Into A Personal VPNTurn Your Old Laptop Into A Touchscreen PCCharge Your Phone With A DIY Candle-Powered ChargerHow To Balloon Map Your NeighbourhoodPut Together Your Own Arduino Board (For Half The Price Of Buying One)Build A DSLR Shoulder Rig

Make Awesome Non-Tech Stuff

DIY projects don't require a gadget. You can make plenty of awesome things you don't need to plug in.

Turn A Key Into A 10-In-1 ToolPlug Your Keys Into The Wall With A Keychain And Wall DockHack A Carabiner With Heat Shrink Tubing To Build The Ultimate KeychainBuild A Simple, Stylish, Industrial-Style Clothing Rack With PipesHipster Habit App Is A Mini-Book That Helps You Create Or Remove HabitsMake Custom, One-Off T-Shirts The Cheap And Easy Way

Get In The Kitchen

A day off is the ideal chance to enjoy good food with friends and family. Learn how to make something awesome.

These DIY Energy Bars Offer An Easy, Healthy Way To RefuelMake Easy, Delicious Ice Cream With Ingredients You Already HaveMake Your Own Ice Cream Topping At Home And Dress Up Your DessertsMake Your Own Pancake SyrupDIY Citrus Salt

Organise Your Workspace

While you don't want to work too hard on your day off, a few workspace upgrades can make your home office more efficient and buy you some extra time off in the long run.

DIY IKEA Franken-Desk: Storage And Space In A Sharp-Looking PackageCreate A Large Mobile Workstation Out Of IKEA Bookshelves And Some BoardHow To Ergonomically Optimise Your WorkspaceBuild Computer Cooling Into Your DeskBuild A DIY Wide, Adjustable Height IKEA Standing Desk On The Cheap


It's your day off. You don't have to do anything at all if you don't want to. Here are some ideas to help you relax.

A Guide To Meditation For The Rest Of UsHow To Find The Right Style Of Yoga For YouEnd Your Insomnia And Snoring With These Expert TipsHow To Reboot Your Sleep Cycle And Get The Rest You Trains You To Meditate In Short SessionsThree Quick And Easy Ways To Quiet Your Mind


    The photo for this story on the main page is a bunch of American flags- interesting for the Queen's birthday holiday.

      D'oh! Fixed now.

        Now its of a bunch of WA flags... it is not a public holiday in WA.

    Also, aren't those flags WA flags? They get Queen's birthday at a different time...

    My awesome project today involved dealing with a leaking toilet in a totally impossible to get to tiny WC. Cue one messed up shoulder from twisting like a pretzel on the floor.

    I'm grumpier than Grumpy McGrump after this long weekend.

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