Ask LH: Should I List Temporary Positions On My Resume?

Dear Lifehacker, I have recently been moved into an acting management position (team leader) while my manager is on extended leave. I am expected to be in this position for at least one month and potentially two or more depending, while still maintaining my current job and duties. Management experience is very useful in future job prospects, but how should I represent my time “acting” in a management role on my CV and on LinkedIn? Thanks, Managing Better

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Dear MB,

An acting manager’s role is definitely something you should mention on your resume. If the position was officially recognised by your employer it counts as work history; even if your pay cheque and job title remained unchanged.

Depending on the job you apply for, it might even be worth breaking it out as a separate item. Presumably the role came with its own unique set of responsibilities and challenges so milk these babies for all their worth! If you’re trying to keep your resume brief, you should still make it a bullet point under your ongoing role — this approach is also good for your LinkedIn account and other online profiles.


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