Ask LH: Can I Get Online Shopping Shipped From Australia?

Dear Lifehacker, I have found many companies willing to forward mail from the USA to Australia, but absolutely none that are willing to do the reverse! I am an American trying to purchase a kitchen appliance only available in Australia and have it shipped to me in the US, but it seems that no one is willing to do that. Are there mail forwarding services in Australia that can ship things that I purchase online to my home in the US? Thanks, Appliance Junkie

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Dear AJ,

You could try giving Gumtree a try, which is a local classified ads and community site that supports international members. You can post an ad on the site requesting the kitchen appliance you need and then negotiate a price and shipping fee with the seller.

If the item is large and time isn’t of the essence, you could try your luck with an international sea freight shipping service such as PackSend, which boasts the promising tagline “Anything. Anywhere.” You can get a free quote from PackSend by filling in the details of your item on its website. (One caveat to be mindful of is that if the appliance in question is powered by electricity, it might not actually work in the US. Make sure you do some research before buying.)

As always, we’re going to throw this query out to readers as well — have any Aussie expats found an affordable shipping solution of their own? Let AJ know in the comments section below.


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