Adobe Retains Australia Tax For Lightroom 5

Photo management system Lightroom is one of Adobe's products that isn't going subscription-only. However, in typical Adobe fashion, Australian users are yet again being slugged extra money to purchase it.

If you have a Creative Cloud subscription, Lightroom 5 is included. If you want it as standalone software, you have to pay $99 for an upgrade, or $186 for a new copy. In the US, the upgrade price $79, and the full purchase price is $149.

Normally at this point we'd note that the gap isn't so great once you factor in GST. However, Adobe doesn't charge GST on downloads, so you really are paying $37 extra just for being Australian if you want a new copy. Not impressive.


    It amazes me that with the explosion in affordable photography (or people with the money to buy high end gear simply because they can) and graphic editing that the market doesn't have at least half a dozen alternatives that can stand toe to toe with Adobe products.

    Much as I enjoy kicking Adobe, the price differential is hardly worth complaining about here, unlike PS, Master Collection, etc..

    What I really want to know, though, is how do they avoid the GST on downloads?

      Prices are listed for Australian customers in AUD. Purchases are technically made from the US and as such, they don't charge GST. As far as their tax goes, US online stores aren't required to charge tax to customers overseas (for purchases under $1000 I believe)

    Not impressive? True, they normally just stick a zero on the end of the price

    Just for being Australian? Not at all. It's trivial for Australians to pay US prices.

    Just like it's trivial for a non-Australian to be charged Australian prices, which is arguably more ridiculous.

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