Adjust Your Car's Headrest To Help Prevent Injury In A Rear End Collision

In winter weather when roads get slippery, the chances of a rear end collision become higher. Redditor blink0r points out one simple way to prevent injury in an accident: adjust your car's headrest correctly.

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If you're anything like me, you've never even thought about your car's headrest location. As it turns out, it's incredibly important to keeping your neck safe in an accident. CBS News recommends you set up your headrest like so:

What you need to do is bring the head restraint up as high as you can get it and still be comfortable. This is about the level of the top of your ears. You should also check and make sure it's as close to the back of your head as you can get it.

Essentially, you want to decrease the chance of whiplash by putting your headrest as close to the back of your head as you can do comfortably so you hit the back of your head instead of your neck. Check your car's manual for more detailed information about adjusting your headrest.

LPT: How to properly position your vehicles headrest. A poorly adjusted headrest can actually worsen the effects of a rear-end collision on the neck and spine. [Reddit]


    The first step is to refrain from calling it a head *rest*. As the linked article says, it's a head *restraint*, designed to restrain your head from flopping around backwards. It most certainly isn't for you to rest your head against whilst you're driving, even if you are in a traffic jam.

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