Your Logical Fallacy Is . . . Highlights Flaws In Your Boss’ Arguments

Your Logical Fallacy Is . . . Highlights Flaws In Your Boss’ Arguments

Constantly having to deal with irrational and poorly thought-out arguments from your manager? Your Logical Fallacy Is sums up some of the most common flaws in reasoning.

Constantly pointing out your boss’ flaws admittedly might be a career-limiting move (CLM), but the site is a useful resource in other ways too. Many of these flaws are also found in online comments, where straw man arguments, slippery slope claims and anecdotal evidence abound. It’s well worth clicking through the full set of ideas discussed on the site; you can even order a poster version if you want a permanent reminder.

Your Logical Fallacy Is


    • For some reason they insist on using start/title case for headlines here even though sentence case has pretty much taken over both online and in print, exactly for this reason. Title case is often hard to parse. Take another recent headline, “Google Now Comes To Apple”. Only now? Oh wait, it’s about “Google Now”, not about Google now coming to Apple.

      • Agreed. Quite possibly the phrasing of the title rather than capitalisation, but “Highlight Flaws in Your Boss’ Arguments with Your Logical Fallacy Is” is admittedly only slightly better.

        • The site name makes writing any kind of headline difficult (I don’t think the case is the issue particularly, and that’s an editorial policy we’ll be sticking with for pragmatic reasons). I’ve added an ellipsis to make the split clearer.

          • Not sure that it really helped. Now it reads as though your fallacy in your logic is that it highlights your boss’ flaws. I guess with this title though, you can’t win.

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