Windows Blue To Hit Public Beta

According to Julie Larson-Green, the head of Windows engineering, Windows Blue will be going into public beta in June 2013. That’s good news for anyone who’s been holding back on shifting from XP and trying to decide between Windows 7 and Windows 8 but hoping that Microsoft resolves the two-faced nature of the Windows 8 interface and legacy desktop.

The word is that a Blue update for Windows RT will also be coming later this year although there’s no word on whether that will also go into public beta.



    So I see Blue is Windows 8.1, and not Windows 8 SP1. Does that mean it's a whole new operating system that you need to pay for, or is it really more like a service pack (i.e. free for anyone to apply to their already-paid-for Window 8.0 system)?

      I've heard that it is free to users of Windows 8, can't recall any links off the top of my head. Apparently it is a transition into a subscription model for the OS, kinda like Office 365.

    Looks like a new OS as i've never seen them push a SP out as public Beta

    Hey guys,
    This Article might shed some light on the new OS. It will have a new interface apparently, if i was Microsoft i would give Windows 8 users Windows Blue for free Since it has been such a short amount of time between the two Operating Systems. Microsoft did do something similar with Windows users that bought a new computer running vista, i believe six months prior, got a free upgrade to Windows 7.
    I personally am quite curious.

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