Windows 8 Users Don’t Run Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 apps are radically different in design and approach to their Windows predecessors, but Windows 8 can also run older apps. New usage figures suggest that most people running Windows 8 are taking full advantage of that, with more than half of them rarely running Windows 8-specific apps.

An analysis of 10,848 Windows 8 machines by management software developer Soluto found that around 60 per cent of desktop and laptop users launched a Metro-style Windows 8 app less than once a day. Even on tablets, which rely on a touch interface, that figure was 45 per cent.

We’ve frequently noted that Windows 8 offers better performance than Windows 7, and that it’s useful even if you don’t want to engage with the new approach. I definitely fall into this category myself; the only Windows 8 app I use with any regularity at the moment is Skype, and while it works well enough, it hasn’t made me want to use more apps with a similarly minimalist and keyboard-unfriendly interface. But that doesn’t mean I think upgrading was a bad idea, or that the right app won’t entice me.

Soluto [via Business Insider]


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