Why Your App Development Approach Sucks

Think you can emulate Amazon, eBay or other modern software giants? You’ll never get there unless you abandon a conventional silo-driven approach to building apps.

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That was the blunt but inescapable closing message at Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit, which I have been following as part of our ongoing World Of Servers series this week.

“Most traditional IT organisations are structured around silo investments and silo apps, and you effectively have a lot of warring barons in the IT organisation, each one defending their castle,” Gartner VP and research fellow Andy Kyte said.

“I can’t emphasise enough the difference we find in the culture between the traditional IT organisation with all these barriers and walls and leading organisations where we find an absence of that. There is a real sense of shared purpose [in those advanced environments].”

Admittedly you’re unlikely to score eBay’s budgets or Amazon’s massive server farms. But your attitude is yours to control.

“Everything as a service is right at the heart of the delivery model of the world’s leading IT organisations,” Kyte said. “Anyone who is not doing this is committing themselves to continous investment in vertically isolated silos.

Lifehacker’s World Of Servers sees me travelling to conferences around Australia and around the globe in search of fresh insights into how server and infrastructure deployment is changing in the cloud era. This week, I’m in London for the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit, looking at how to plan and deploy your overall enterprise architecture for maximum business value and efficiency.

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