Where Do You Keep Important Family Documents?

Where Do You Keep Important Family Documents?

If you live in this world, you know how easy it is to accumulate documents. Some are important records you need to safeguard, while others just feel important. Where do you store yours?

If you’re unclear what documents you should be holding onto, have no fear. We’ve got you covered with our guide to which documents you should shred and which you should keep. If you’re sick of storing all that paper, be sure to read about how our own Adam Dachis went completely paperless in two daysm and then check out the five best document scanners you can use to get the job done.

So, how about you? Where do you store your documents? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Skydrive for personal, office 365/local san for work. Works well enough for me.

    Parents.. ugh. Usb sticks everywhere. And they buy cheap-ass ones that always seem to break after a few months if they don’t get lost first.

  • I wonder what will happen when computing power improves to the point where it allows admins/hackers to easily decrypt uploaded files stored on cloud servers

    Hopefully cloud services will tell all their account holders to download and reencrypt their data with longer keys to maintain security for X years, and to scrub all copies of your old data stored on their servers, but there’s no guarantee of that happening.

    Seems like an issue that will arise around 2020 or 2030
    I don’t think you can ever keep your data private once you’ve put it on a server you don’t own

  • +1 for the waterproof/fireproof safe – best thing I’ve done in years.

    All data stored on NAS at home and offsite copy of selected folders is SFTP’d to another NAS under my desk at work 😉

    All encrypted to help slow down someone wanting to look into the contents.

  • All the paper is in a plain old lockable filing cabinet in my study. Far from ideal, really. But I keep digital backups stored in a Truecrypt file container which is backed up on Dropbox and a physical data DVD which I update every 6 months.

    I put nearly all of my day to day files on the cloud, but for scans of Birth cert, drivers’ licence, passport etc there’s no way I’d just trust the security of the cloud. Truecrypt is amazing, and it makes life a lot easier when you can store whole bunch of stuff in one single encrypted file container and then not worry if someone else gets their hands on that file.

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