What To Use After Yahoo! Shuts Astrid

Yahoo! has acquired Astrid, your favourite to-do manager and one of the best for Android. The company hasn't explicitly said Astrid is shutting down, but the language from Yahoo!'s blog post doesn't leave much room for hope. If you're an Astrid user, it's time to look for alternatives.

While the announcement (linked below) doesn't expressly say that Yahoo! will shut Astrid down, this paragraph is particularly ominous:

Over the next 90 days, Astrid will continue to work as is, and we will no longer be accepting new premium subscriptions. To make future changes as easy as possible, we’ll be in touch with users shortly to share how to download data.

Not taking new subscribers and offering data downloads to existing users does not sound like moves designed for a service that will be maintained.

But don't panic! If Astrid does shut its doors for good, you have plenty of functional alternatives. We looked at several in our last Hive Five on to-do list managers last year, which is a good place to start.

Our favorite app for Android is still Wunderlist, but Any.do has great looking apps for the iPhone and Android, and a Chrome extension for desktop use. Wunderlist is our pick as the best for for Windows, Mac and Linux, and the recent update to Wunderlist 2 adds a lot of useful features.


    Such a Yahoo thing to do... buy awesome product, ruin it.

    Asana is the best option I have found. I once Used ASTRID and found ASANA easier to use and quicker.

    And I just started to use Astrid instead of RTM this week.

    Wunderlist does not sync with Google Tasks. That's a deal-breaker for me, because Google runs my calendar.

    Take a look at Wrike - this week, we added an import feature that lets you quickly migrate your Astrid tasks. There's a web version with a free subscription option, as well as apps for iOS and Android. If you're interested, all the details are here: http://www.wrike.com/blog/05/13/2013/Shout-Out-Astrid-Users-Wrike-New-Home-Your-Tasks

    Looking for best replacement?
    Check out Sync ToDo:

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