What The Internet Does To Your Brain, Illustrated

While the internet allows us to do more than ever, all that potential productivity comes with a price: endless distraction. This video from the folks at Epipheo illustrates the kind of long-term effects the frenetic pace of the web can have on our minds.

We've written about how you can avoid most of these problems and focus on your work, but it bears remembering that this can effect how you think in the long run. Your attention is limited, and understanding its value is vital for remaining productive. If you happen to feel that you're finding it harder to focus than you used to, or just long to improve, don't worry — you can fix that.

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains [Epipheo.Tv via Laughing Squid]


    This is a repost from Gizmodo and I replied over there, but the assertions are all speculative. Some people may fit the symptoms in the video but just as many don't.

      Agreed, plus... This isn't going to stop either, sooner or later we'll have a dry PC sitting next the big wet PC in our skulls, so we may as well figure out to live with the issue. Anyway, I'm pretty sure we've already been through this with the advent of TV. :)

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