What Bad Posture Actually Does To Your Body

We've heard countless times that good posture and ergonomics are necessary when you're working at a computer, but what exactly happens when you don't follow those tips? The Wall Street Journal found out.

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As it turns out, a lot changes. It's not just in your body, it's also psychological:

It's not as though slouching will give you a hunchback in a day, but "if you do this day after day, and your muscles are not strong, the whole skeleton changes," Dr. Golubic says. "I'm not aware of any studies that look at the changes in the volume of organs like the liver and spleen when you sit straight or slump forward. But we do know that when you slouch, you project an attitude of depression and low motivation." When you sit up straight, he adds, "psychologically, your attitude is better."

Thankfully, improving your posture is pretty easy. You can test your posture against a wall, and ergonomically optimising your workspace will help as well. For its part, the Wall Street Journal also recommends keeping an eye out for lower back pain as an indicator for poor posture, and considering something like yoga to improve your sitting position.

Burning Question: Why Sit Up Straight? [Wall Street Journal]


    For a much better, less opinionated, more well researched treatise on Posture, see "Does Posture Matter? by Paul Ingraham

      I'll check it Jess but why is that blurb opinionated?( just asking)

        I think because the quoted author only offers opinion while the article Jess links to has footnotes and quotes research in the field.

        Like @ozoneocean says - the article I linked to is backed by research and references, where as the article above starts out mentioning studies (with no references), then falls rapidly into "Dr. Golubic says"...

    I'm skeptical of this. Our body has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years, yet if we sit at an odd angle all is lost? Do what feels natural, is your back hurting from sitting straight? Slouch for a bit.

    Don't doubt your body, listen to it and act.

      God made our bodies perfect, and if we disrespect them we should expect to suffer the consequences.

        If our bodies are perfect, then we should listen to them.

        Last edited 08/05/13 3:34 pm

        When the priest in church when you were growing up told you your body was perfect I'm not sure that was your god at work..

        Last edited 08/05/13 3:52 pm

        Tell that to the millions of babies born with congenital defects and disabilities. Where was your god then?

    TAILS, Last time I checked,my parents (made me). God did not make me or any one or "Thing" because there is no such THING!

    Troll = Loser

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