Video: The Complete History Of Typography (In Five Minutes)

Video: The Complete History Of Typography (In Five Minutes)

Typography has drastically changed the way that we learn, work and communicate with each other. In the following video, stop-motion artist Ben Barrett-Forrest furiously taps his way through the medium’s rich and detailed history; from the demise of hand-written books to the origin of popular typefaces (Comic Sans gets a drubbing, naturally).

[Via Gizmodo]


  • I’d think that fonts used in China, Korea, Thailand etc. would at least rate a mention. Along with cursive script, as used in hand-written letters.

  • Typography
    If (like me) you could only learn about typography through a wireless OPTUS (optus sucks) connection, then you would know nothing about typography!

  • Can someone please elaborate on why Comic Sans has such a bad reputation? I sorta like it….

    I’ll be out back with some free tomatoes if (AND ONLY IF) you can persuade me otherwise.

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