Use This Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcut To Quickly Move Paragraphs

The massive range of keyboard shortcuts (and ability to set your own) is one of the main reasons I use Microsoft Word. Here's one I hadn't previously noticed: a handy shortcut to instantly move an entire paragraph up or down.

Keyboard picture from Shutterstock

Office expert Helen Bradley points out that Shift-Alt-Up Arrow moves an entire paragraph up, while Shift-Alt-Down Arrow does the same in a downwards direction. Very helpful when you're shuffling paragraphs about. I've tended to use Control-Shift-Up to select a whole paragraph and then Control-X to cut it, but this is much more efficient.

This joins my list of favourite Word shortcuts, which also includes options to quickly clear all formatting and set line spacing.

Word 2010 and 2013 Tip – Quickly Move Paragraphs [Helen Bradley]


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