Use Caulk To Paint Straight Edges Like A Pro

Use Caulk To Paint Straight Edges Like A Pro

Getting that precise, straight line on edges of a wall or where the wall meets ceiling is one of the hardest parts of painting. It’s even worse if you have textured walls or ceilings. The Make It & Love It blog reveals this “pro painter’s secret” to sharp lines perfection.

Actually, Ashley posts two methods. The first, her preferred method, is one we’ve mentioned before. It’s the error-free method of painting a ceiling and wall or two walls different colours. Tape the edges where the two walls (or wall and ceiling connect), then paint the first wall right over the tape and into the other (still unpainted) wall and let it dry. The dried paint prevents the other paint from seeping under the tape.

The results will look quite professional. Hit up the link below for full directions and photos.

Home Improvement: Painting a Straight Line on Textured Walls (a Pro Painter’s Secret) [Make It & Love It]


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