Use A Mat For Easy Nuts And Bolts Cleanup

Use A Mat For Easy Nuts And Bolts Cleanup

Ever pour out a jar of nuts, bolts or other small objects only to experience the hell of trying to put them back in the jar? Redditor acephreak shares a useful if obvous tip: pour them out onto a mat first.

Some of you may have figured this one out on your own, but for those still slogging through the process of picking every last screw up off the table: pour them out onto any mat or tea towel, then you can easily fold it and drop them back inside their container when you’re done. Simple and effective.

LPT: If you have a bucket of nuts and bolts [Reddit]


  • I turn a plastic bag inside out. Put a magnet inside the bag. Pick up the screws, or whatever. Then turn the plastic bag right way out. Remove the magnet. You now have all of the objects inside the plastic bag.
    A huge advantage of this method is that you do not collect any of the debris that always seems to mysteriously find its way inside the sealed container.
    Don’t thank me… just send money.

  • I just use a sheet of newspaper and have done for decades. If whatever you’re searching through is grubby, you don’t need to worry about dirtying anything.

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