Tripomatic Tracks Your Holiday Itinerary With Photos And Maps

Android/iOS: Planning your holiday to-do list with a bulleted list on a piece of paper is OK, but it’s visually unappealing. Tripomatic fixes this problem with a much more image-centric view of your trip’s itinerary.

The app sorts your vacations into separate notebooks and allows you to create a list of events and attractions you’d like to see. You can add activities from a pool of suggestions — for example, in New York, the app will suggest visiting the Statue of Liberty — or you can create your own. Events are organised by day but not time, allowing you the freedom to explore while on holidays, instead of sticking to a schedule.

Tripomatic also suggests other areas of interest nearby for each activity and lays out your events on a map. The app also syncs your notebooks across all devices.

Tripomatic (free) [Google Play]
Tripomatic (free) [iTunes App Store]