Transform An Old Hardcover Book Into A Shelf

Transform An Old Hardcover Book Into A Shelf

There are plenty of ways to make shelves more exciting than flat, mono-coloured boards suspended from your walls. Even so, if you’re looking for an idea that’s a little more original, this “book” shelf is hard to go past.

Image: ctx1985

Instructables user “ctx1985” threw his shelf together using a copy of Jack London’s “The Call of the Wild”, but any decently-thick hardcover title will do the trick. Make sure you’re armed with a screwdriver, awl and/or a drill, if you can manage it. You’ll also need some hooks, screws, picture hangers and string, with more details on these available on the project page.

Once completed, it should be strong enough to hold your pocket debris — coins, mobile phones, keys and the like — though depending on the size and strength of the book, you might be able to go meta and put actual books on there too. There’s nothing stopping you from placing several side-by-side either to create larger shelves.

Make a “book” shelf [Instructables]


  • I hate this. Using books for DIY arts and crafts is basically middle class barbarism. Books are for reading. If that use isn’t exciting enough for you then you don’t deserve to lie in the world you inherited from the Enlightenment. Ugh.

    • Books are THE DEVIL. If it’s not an ebook or some other form of licensed-but-not-owned reading material, then you’re a thief and you’re going to hell. At least this arty hippie has the right idea and destroyed his/her physical medium and possibly saved his/her soul in the process. Now that’s Enlightenment!

  • What a waste of a book. Sure, it looks interesting, but surely there are other ways of making an interesting (and far more practical) shelf than destroying a book in the process. I find it pathetic that people can so willingly damage or destroy books just for a cheap and interesting little piece of craft that will be one of the first things to be thrown out when the homeowner decides to update their decor. Meanwhile, a book and the knowledge within can last for decades and even centuries if properly taken care of, but who cares about the lost knowledge within when we can have a nifty little shelf.

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