The Quiet City Desktop

The Quiet City Desktop

We’ve featured Dan Carr’s desktops before. They’re always beautiful and functional, and this one is no different. The photo of a quiet, cloudy winter morning in Paris makes for a great backdrop for his widgets, all arranged so they don’t detract from the image, but don’t distract when it’s time to work.

You can’t see it in the image above, but Dan’s task bar and social buttons are hidden from view so they’re not a distraction when he wants to work. You can see them unhidden over at Flickr. It’s not difficult to make this desktop your own — or at least grab the wallpaper and add it to your personal rotation. Here’s what you’ll need.

You can read more about Dan’s inspiration for the desktop (and check out the video that inspired him) over at his blog.

Quiet & Still [Kiss Kiss Bang! Bang!]

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