The Dandelion Linux Desktop

Some desktops are featured because of their widgets, while others because they're full of useful data. This week's featured desktop, from Lifehacker Chookstar, gets the nod because it's simple, elegant, and uses smart GNOME tweaking to bring everything together neatly.

If you're using GNOME as the UI and desktop environment on your Linux system, this look and feel isn't difficult to capture as your own (or tweak to your liking). Here's what Chookstar used to do it:

That's all there is to this one.


    oooooh pretty.

    i've just got bogstandard XFCE

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    Am I troll bait if I say that I use Unity.... and like it? Cause I do use it AND like it. It's got that OSX feel without the OSX hand cuffs.

    I usually use the super key and type in things to launch them anyway. I could be using GNOME3 and not really notice the difference.

    To support the artist (owner & copyright holder of this image) go to:

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