The Clean And Composed Wooden Workspace

The Clean And Composed Wooden Workspace

Today’s featured workspace consists of just a large wooden desk and a few gadgets (including a large, mounted Cinema Display). The beautiful minimalism of this workspace is pretty inspiring.

It’s a neat composition, with the desk tucked under the slanted roof, and the door and desktop wallpaper tying into the wood of the desk. Flickr user Simon Starr highlights the details in this photo, including: an IKEA Galant desk, Signum cable trunking, Ergotron MX LCD arm and Dioder LED lights in the back for some bias lighting. I especially like the “some kind of plant” and rubber duck for fun. Check out Simon’s annotated photo in the Flickr link below.

My Desk (April 2013) [Flickr]


  • my view is always
    if you cant hide the cables
    dont you fucking dare mount it.

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