The Best Ways To Avoid Scars

Nobody likes getting cut up and dealing with a potential scar. You'll find countless supposed remedies out there to avoid scars, but the Wall Street Journal has taken a look at which of these treatments really work.

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As it turns out, according to Dr Whitney Bower, the best way to avoid scars is good old Vaseline:

She recommends plain old Vaseline and a Band-Aid. Some patients prefer the texture of Aquaphor, an ointment which Dr. Bowe says also works well. The more ingredients in a moisturizer, she says, the greater the chance it can cause an allergic reaction. It is also very important to keep a healing wound out of the sun to prevent discoloration.

What about pharmacy remedies such as Vitamin E or onion extract? Dr Bowe doesn't think they're really worth it. The same goes for most home cures, including lemon juice, although she does suggest that honey is an excellent alternative if Vaseline isn't around.

Treating Scars: Which Remedies Work Best? [Wall Street Journal]


    I personally like the "not soft"approach. That is that scars prove a life lived so get over it.

      I'm with you on this one. In the words of Papa roach, "My scars remind me that the past is real"

    A fair whack of it is genetics. I know people who can get a papercut and be scared for life, while I've had scars doctors have guaranteed would be for life and would never get their colour back, and they're gone now.

      Personally, paper scars the crap out of me, so I can completely empathise with your friends.

    scars are boss!! all the tough people have scars, also the scars I have are a mobile tapestry of my life(including tattoos which are technically scars)

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