Take A Short Walk After A Workout To Prevent Dizziness

Take A Short Walk After A Workout To Prevent Dizziness

Ever push your body a little too hard and get that brief moment of dizziness after a workout? Your first reaction might be to take a seat, but a New York Times article points out that you might be better off just taking a quick walk.

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During exercise, the blood vessels in your legs expand and more blood moves through them. If you stop abruptly, that blood pools in your lower body, and that leads to dizziness. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent:

The condition is easy to combat, though. Just walk for a few minutes at the end of a workout and you’ll maintain normal circulation to the brain, says Ross Tucker, a South African physiologist and a founder of the estimable Web site The Science of Sport.

It’s a simple little trick that can save you the potential headache of a dizzy waddle to the nearest chair.

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  • If you feel like you’re going to puke, lay down. I’ve had too many people pass out on me with this, refusing to lie down. All lucky not to hit head on something sharp and hard.

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