Surface Pro On Sale In Australia 30 May

Surface Pro On Sale In Australia 30 May

Microsoft promised us last month that the Surface Pro would go on sale before the end of May, and that’s going to happen — just. The tablet goes on sale online and through JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores on 30 May.

Our pricing prediction last month was bang on the money: the 64GB model will be $999, while the 128GB version will cost $1099. Are you tempted?

[Microsoft Australia Blog]


  • Very tempted! Slightly worried about the battery life, but think I can make do.

  • These are great! I have been running 3 in my business for a few months and they have been the best thing we have bought.
    Haven’t used a laptop since. I’ve got it hooked up to a dynadock and 2×24″ monitors so a 3 screen setup. On the road in the car use it as a tablet form. Other offices without multi screens.
    And everything works on it.

    • There are plenty of Atom based pro machines which will provide more than adequate battery life with passive cooling, Wacom digitiser, TPM, and other enterprise features. DELL, HP, and Lenovo all have models. If you need all day battery life then you probably don’t need a core i5 CPU.

  • Y’know, if they’d been released here when they were released in the U.S., I’d likely be reading this story while using it. Now though, I’ve kind of lost interest. With Haswell chips coming out soon, I’m guessing there’s likely to be a Surface v2 not that far behind, maybe I’ll just wait for that.

    • But doesn’t that mean it’ll be another year at LEAST before they implement a Haswell chip into a Surface?

      • Not necessarily. June 3 is the official Haswell release date for OEMs, but that doesn’t mean they wait until then to start working the new chips in to their designs. I think we’ll start seeing Haswell devices hit the market in Q4 this year, but for the Surface v2 my guess would be a bit after Christmas.

  • I’m currently reading this on my surface pro. Just got back from the US.
    So far I am loving it. It is proving very useful for work and even for just browsing the net on the couch. Plus its a great little movie player.
    I’ve been doing a decent amount of proper work and haven’t had any issues and love the portability. Oh and for the record the handwriting recognition is fantastic. I’ve had a great time getting one note to recognise my scribbles and set outlook appointments from them. I definitely recommend it.
    As for battery life it really isn’t that bad and I can do work for about 4 hours. Also the power brick and cords are obviously designed to be as small as possible. Oh and the Microsoft wedge mouse is a great companion for it

  • Well, it is nearly 1 year after the announcement, it is way too late! I am getting the Lenovo Yoga 11S! (out soon in the US and hopefully in Australia)

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