Stepping In For The Rest Of The Week

Stepping In For The Rest Of The Week

Hi folks! Angus is away for the next few days and he’s asked me to come back and look after IT Pro in his absence. You might remember me from stints as the fill-in editor but I’m also an IT pro when I’m not working as a writer and editor.

As well as working a journalist for a number of IT publications, I’ve worked as an IT pro across a number of different industries. After a decade working in IT and business roles in the energy sector, I switched out to self-employment as a freelance writer and consultant.

I’ve just finished a two and half year stint as manager of the IT department at an independent school in Melbourne and have just started as the IT Strategy and Delivery manager for one of the power companies. So, as well as writing about tech, I work in the business. That helps cut through the marketing claims and get to the nitty gritty of what vendors can do and what they actually deliver.

As well as keeping you up to date with what’s happening in the world of the IT pro, I’ll be writing a series of features this week responding to questions from Lifehacker IT Pro readers. All of the questions focus on career-related topics such as how to set a rate for freelance work, transitioning between jobs and boosting your income.

Have a great week folks.


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