Set Up The Ultimate Home Theatre This Weekend

Set Up The Ultimate Home Theatre This Weekend

When you’ve spent the week getting things done, it’s nice to enjoy a little entertainment over the weekend. If you’ve yet to set up your ultimate home theatre, here’s everything you need to know to make it a reality.

Build A Home Theatre PC

On the extremely low end, you can use a Raspberry Pi. For as little as $600, you can build a reasonably powerful AMD-based machine. Even a build with bells and whistles can cost under $700. If you prefer Mac to Windows or Linux, our Hackintosh guide offers a cheap build suitable for home theatre use. Whatever you choose, when you build it yourself you can always upgrade it to add new capabilities down the line when your needs change.

Choose A Platform

Check out our full comparison

Some people prefer to use a computer as their media server and stream content to a set top box. Plex’s media server software is compatible with nearly everything as it broadcasts via DLNA. That means you can stream to most video game systems and set top boxes. For further information, check out our video game console streaming guide.

Select A Screen

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Get Some Content

If you have nothing to watch, your home theatre setup won’t be of much use. You can make your HTPC download everything for you automatically (or have your NAS do it, if you’ve got one). Downloading your content may not always be legal, depending on where you get it, but if you want to ensure you don’t illegally download anything we have a guide for that, too.


You’re all set. Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your ultimate home theatre. Have a great weekend!

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