Set Google Now Reminders From Google Search Results

Google Now's new Reminders feature is pretty darn awesome. Lifehacker reader Gmapper14 has found a great feature you may not know about: you can add reminders right from Google search results.

You probably already know that certain searches will come up with "cards" on Google, such as when you search for a movie. Well, if your search comes up with something associated with a date — like the release date of a movie — you should now see a new option to "Remind Me on Google Now". Click this, and it will add a reminder to your phone and tablet for you. Note that you need "Personal Results" turned on in order for this to work.

Sadly, this doesn't work on the mobile version of Google Now yet, just the desktop version. Hopefully it will come to the mobile version soon.


    Whitson is from LH US... so hopefully someone at LH Aus tested this before they reposted the article?

    I can't get it to work - is it me or because this isn't available in Aus?

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