SafeIP Swaps Your IP Address To Provide Private Browsing

SafeIP Swaps Your IP Address To Provide Private Browsing

Windows: If you want access to streaming media that is only available in specific locations, want to browse web sites that display differently depending on where you are, or are just seeking a little privacy, SafeIP can help. The utility lets you select where your IP address will appear to be located, and can even rotate them regularly if privacy is your goal.

SafeIP has IP addresses in 10 locations, including multiple servers in the US and the UK, as well as Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Poland, Italy, Germany and France. You can select any one you choose to have your traffic routed through their servers so any site you visit or app you open thinks you’re in that location instead of where you are. SafeIP even lets you change your IP without disconnecting and reverting to your original one first, and can be told to run at startup, or automatically change your IP on a schedule you set (the default is every 10 minutes). The lack of an Australian option is annoying for travelling Aussies, but iPlayer access via the UK is definitely tempting.

By default, SafeIP works as a proxy — there is an option to encrypt your traffic in the settings, the way a VPN would, but it’s not on by default. Take note: SafeIP is built for private browsing and getting around location restrictions, not security.

The app boasts some enhanced features includng malware protection and ad blocking (although those features really just try to block items via your HOSTS file; it’s not worth enabling when you have better options available). While the app is free, there is a “Pro” version ($30) that adds Wi-Fi protection (much like what Disconnect already does), and some other features we don’t really think are worth the cash. If the app sounds interesting, stick to the free version. You can grab it at the link below.

SafeIP [via Addictive Tips]

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