Resize YouTube Player Automatically Fills Your Browser Window

Resize YouTube Player Automatically Fills Your Browser Window

Chrome/Firefox with Greasemonkey: If you like to watch YouTube videos without all the clutter of the side bars, userscript Resize YouTube Player can help by automatically stretching the video you’re watching to fill the entire browser window. This script also automatically changes the video’s resolution (where available) to a higher quality, depending on how large your window is.

Resizing the window will automatically adjust the video to fill as much space as it can. If you scroll down, you can still see all the typical YouTube content, like comments and related videos. They’re still there, just tucked away so you have a distraction-free viewing experience.

Resize YouTube Player To Window Size [via Ghacks]


  • Wouldn’t just hitting the full-screen button suffice? I can’t think of any situations where I’d want the video to fill the browser window but leave the chrome and start bar visible.

    • So you can have the video any size you want. Fullscreen lags slightly when entering or editing it.

      • You can already have any video size you want by right-clicking the video and choosing ‘pop out’. I don’t get any lag switching in and out of fullscreen with Youtube, but I’m using the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player so that could be a factor. Still, a fraction of a second of lag switching to fullscreen doesn’t seem particularly frustrating considering I only really do it once or twice per video.

        • This plugin lets me resize any video without having to right click and pop-out every time.

          My fullscreen lag is unfortunately due to less-than-adequate computer guts; everything goes downhill when I use it.
          But an HTML5 player sounds nice. Gotta give that a try.

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