Quicksand Syncs Your Recently Opened Documents To The Cloud

Mac: One difficulty with cloud storage is that you actually have to remember to save your files to the relevant location. Quicksand is an app that automatically saves every file you open to your cloud storage drive so you don't have to remember.

Every time you open a file, Quicksand saves it to the cloud storage system of your choice. You can also set it up so certain large files don't get synced, only certain file types are saved, or to keep the number of files uploaded below a certain number. Once you start using Quicksand you'll forget it's even there, but it's incredibly handy when you need it. If you get into the habit of saving into automatically-synced directories, this might be overkill, but if you sprinkle your files around multiple locations it could be handy.

Quicksand (Free) [Zibity via One Thing Well]


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