Pre-Moisten Soil Before You Dig Or Weed To Avoid An Aching Back

Now's the time everyone's thinking about working in their gardens, but few of us look forward to the hard work of digging and weeding. Make it easier on yourself and your plants by moistening the ground ahead of time.

Image: Paul Reynolds

CBS Philadelphia says:

By dampening the soil ahead of time — such as the day before or early in the morning to move a plant later in the day — you give the earth a chance to loosen up enough that you can slice through with a spade and remove plants quickly — it even helps with weeding. With looser soil, roots give way more easily, dividing plants and bulbs goes faster and you'll be able to work with less trauma to your plants, your garden, and your back.

So for gardening with fewer aches, get out the hose before you break into the ground.

A Gardening Tip You'll Dig [CBS Philly]


    .... Or just dig it.
    Hosing dirt, using mains water, will cost you money.
    If you have money to waste, then you should just hire a gardener :P

      Eh. This technique is rather useful where the ground is so compact from years of abuse & neglect. I'd much rather have the job with with ease than potentially hurting myself and making the job harder than need be.

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