New Anti-Counterfeit App Lets You Know If It’s “The Real McCoy”

Authenticateit is an Australian track-and-trace app for iOS and Android that allows shoppers to check a product’s authenticity before they buy it. The aim is to combat counterfeiting and unauthorised grey imports which purportedly cost the global economy $250 billion annually.

Authenticateit allows manufacturers to track and trace their products throughout the supply chain via an authentication system that also lets retailers verify the authenticity of goods received from their suppliers.

The system is compatible with GS1 global standards which means consumers can quickly scan a GS1 Databar with their smartphone to verify a product’s authenticity. The same databar can also be used as a product barcode by retailers at point-of-sale.

“Authenticateit enables brands to take immediate action to recall, bar, disable or neutralize unauthorised sales or imports,” claimed Authenticateit’s founder Gennady Volchek. “We’re urging Australian manufacturers and retailers to jump on board to help protect themselves and their customers.”

Local companies that are already using Authenticateit include Ugg boot manufacturer Jumbo Ugg and leather goods supplier LeSerge.

Authenticateit is now available as a free consumer smartphone app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Interested businesses can find more information at the Authenticateit website.

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